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Harry Potter fans can't really give the shirts off their backs to help a house elf, but they're getting close.

Dobby the house elf from the wizarding series of books has his own display in the Warner Bros. Studio tour, featuring him encased in glass, with his eyes closed for some reason.

Well intrepid, altruistic people saw a chance to free the little guy.

Vulture noticed the pictures and wrote about the impromptu jail break

Friends of the house elf have festooned one of his exhibit cases with their socks, a nod to both Dobby's HP story line, as well as the fact that house elves are granted independence if they are given an item of clothing.

J.K. Rowling retweeted the initial mention, because she has a Twitter problem, and the idea began to spread.

So, basically, if you go on the Warner Bros. Studio tour and it smells bad, you know why.

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Look, Tom Hanks doesn't really need to work these days.

He's done plenty in the last 30 years to bring America charm and delight in a big, friendly package.
Even though it it looks like he's got some movies coming down the pike he hasn't acted in one since 2013's Saving Mr. Banks.

So, he's got time on his hands.

This was evidenced by his unexpected appearance answering questions all over Reddit earlier this week.

Well, apparently, he had some more questions that he wanted answers.

Stephen Colbert is in a different, though still not less-inquisitive, boat.

After months of build up, his show is finally chugging along at a steady clip and he's probably starting to get into the routine of the whole affair.

Focused so intently on the goal, once its accomplished, he's probably feeling a jet lag of emotions rushing at him, calling into question where he is and what he's doing.

So the two decided to lay back on a blanket and ask those questions to themselves.

It's very funny.

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What happens when Jimmy Kimmel Live asks Hillary Clinton supporters what they think of Donald Trump's tax plan disguised as Clinton's platform?

They prove to be idiots, that's what.

Via: GR Media
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Someone took a big sip of Go-Go Juice and decided that it would be a good idea for Honey Boo Boo to make her music debut.

This person is a monster that should be forced to eat a big bowl of sketti.

Boo Boo is joined by her sister "Pumpkin" and "viral video artist" Adam Barta (no one has ever heard of this man) for one trainwreck of a music video.

The chorus encourages everyone to do the *Honey Boo Boob Bop. *Please don't do the Honey Boo Boo Bop.

On a more encouraging note, Mama June and Sugar Bear both appear in the video dancing awkwardly together! Could the flame of love be rekindled? If not, love is dead and there is no hope.

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