Alex Trebek said 'Turd Ferguson' on Jeopardy last night.
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It finally happened.

One brave (or stumped) Jeopardy contestant got Alex Trebek to say "Turd Ferguson" during Sept. 16's final round.

This is one for the ages folks.

Of course, she got the idea from none other than Burt Reynolds and his mastery of comedic timing and poise.

"It's a funny name."

You can watch that whole classic Saturday Night Live skit here:

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If you kicked back your heels from your family dinner last night and tuned in to watch the homey goodness of Jeopardy. You probably didn't expect to hear Alex Trebek take his turn at the mic and rap about his history in West Philadelphia, born and raised.

But listen again, because the formerly mustached mister behind miscellaneous modern materials sure did give a good college try to the theme song from beloved 1990s sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. 

He looked at his kingdom, and he was finally there.

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