After an epidemic takes out the whole of humanity, Will Forte as the titular Last Man on Earth had to find friends where he could.

He put together quite the eclectic bunch of BFFs and we wondered how well they represent modern society.

Of these lovely characters, which one are you?

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What if the characters on 'Friends' were black?
Via: Buzzfeed
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Buzzfeed put together a pretty stellar list of show titles to go with their conception of a black 'Friends.

Here are a few:

“The one with that woman who tried to touch Rachel’s hair.”

“The one with the debate about whether light-skinned Aunt Viv was better than dark-skinned Aunt Viv.”

“The one where the neighborhood surrounding Central Perk becomes gentrified.”

“The one where Chandler explains why red is a flavor of Kool-Aid.”

“The one where Chandler admits he can’t do the Electric Slide.”

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