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Maybe this deer can help revitalize Adam Sandler's career.

There's a town in Japan called Nara where relatively tame deer hang out like they're teenagers in a parking lot.

One walked up to some tourists and just straight up started yelling at them. Luckily they posted a video of it on YouTube July 22.

Does that sound like anyone to you?

Maybe this will jog your memory.

Yes, that cranky deer sounds EXACTLY like the classic Adam Sandler we knew and loved. Recent times have hit him hard however, from his Native American Netflix movie kerfuffle to the dismal response that his most recent movie The Cobbler received.

His newest film Pixels opens July 24 and isn't off to a great critical start either.

We don't know if he'll ever find his comedic footing again, but until then, we'll always have this crazy deer video to remind us of Adam Sandler yelling in decent movies.

Joe Dirt 2 Beautiful Loser
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Cracked, the streaming network with exclusive rights to the film, told EW that 'Joe Dirt 2' has reached over 1 million views in the five days since it was released online.

Obviously the movie is horrible. But people on the Internet don't care. And they seem to love them some poop jokes, ball jokes and mild homophobic humor.

In conclusion, here is a GIF that is from the movie. No, really. It is not edited in any way. This is literally from the film.

You can stream it for free here. Fair warning: you get what you pay for.

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