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This is not the way to promote world peace.

Some poor, poor guy over at Gawker had his life's dreams put on hold when the Pope came to town. And he is surely not alone.

With the Pope's parade into America came enormous traffic blockages that put the kibosh on iPhone 6S deliveries. As the writer says:

The monstrous traffic congestion caused by the arrival of Pope Francis is expected to be so bad that UPS and Apple are already warning customers against the worst: missing the promised Friday arrival date of our new aluminum and glass idols. I received this email yesterday, and renounced my faith in the Catholic Church:

We know the Pope spreads an anti-capitalism message, but shouldn't it be one that doesn't involve the delay of new technology? Think of the children!

Well, we need our iPhones. How else are we supposed to use those cute little emojis that Twitter created for your visit?

iPhone owners wept.

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I wish to the powers that be that I was not making that headline up. From what I can gleam in skimming the description (because anything more than a quick skim would cause a mortal's face to melt like in the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark) the game is about your rise to fame through photoshoots and modeling. And there's a rival named Willow, or something. When the servers for the game went down this weekend, people were none too pleased about it:

These are all grown-ass adults. Good night, everyone.

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