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Pop Star Katy Perry just recently rounded off a clean 50 million followers on Twitter, beating Justin Bieber to the social media milestone who is sitting pretty at about 49.2 million.

One thing to consider when thinking about this accomplishment is that Twitter does remove fake, spam or interactive accounts when displaying the overall tally of followers. A "fake follower check" on StatusPeople.com reports that 34% of Katy Perry's followers are fake. An impressive number, nonetheless. Below is the current top ten "most-followed" Twitter users:

1. Katy Perry (@KatyPerry): 50 million followers

2. Justin Bieber (@JustinBieber): 49.2 million followers

3. Barack Obama (@BarackObama): 41.2million followers

4. Lady Gaga: (@LadyGaga): 41 million followers

5. YouTube: (@YouTube): 38.9 million followers

6. Taylor Swift: (@TaylorSwift13): 38.7 million followers

7. Britney Spears: (@BritneySpears): 35.6 million followers

8. Rihanna (@Rihanna): 33.8 million followers

9. Instagram (@Instagram): 30.5 million followers

10. Justin Timberlake (@JTimberlake): 30.2 million followers

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The day Justin Bieber was arrested in Miami a petition was created to deport Bieber and revoke his green card. Today, the petition has reached the 100,000 signature threshold which warrants a response from the Obama administration.

Don't get your hopes up, Bieber haters. There have been other responses to not so pertinent petitions which received 100,000 signatures such as this response about creating a Death Star.

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