Joe Dirt 2 Beautiful Loser
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Cracked, the streaming network with exclusive rights to the film, told EW that 'Joe Dirt 2' has reached over 1 million views in the five days since it was released online.

Obviously the movie is horrible. But people on the Internet don't care. And they seem to love them some poop jokes, ball jokes and mild homophobic humor.

In conclusion, here is a GIF that is from the movie. No, really. It is not edited in any way. This is literally from the film.

You can stream it for free here. Fair warning: you get what you pay for.

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It's always a joy whenever Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are in the same room together. So, it was nice of them to share that with America when they strode their bad selves across the Tonight Show stage July 14.

They were also kind enough to share their first co-starring film since 2008's Baby Momma. It's a story where that dynamic duo plays oblivious sisters and is, fittingly, titled Sisters.

It's not amazing, but you're sure to find a few chuckles in the trailer.

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Remember The Man from U.N.C.L.E.?

Probably not. 

It was a 1960's MGM television show about a unlikely pair of spies, one American and one Soviet, who team up to save the world week after week.

At this point, you'd have to be in your mid 50s to have any lasting memories/sentimental atatchement to the property, but that won't stop the movie industry nostalgia machine!

The trailer, which will hopefully win awards for Most Unnatural Accents Used, is what you think it would be. The music is cool, though. 
New Ghostbuster set pics show the ladies in uniform.
Via: Buzzfeed
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New information on the all-female new Ghostbusters movie has come out slowly, like some ectoplasmic slime dripping down the walls of an ancient Manhattan high rise.

After the casting announcement months ago, we only recently got to see what some of the new props would look like.

Well, now we have some firm proof that, yes, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, Melissa McCarthy, and Kate McKinnon either are starring in this new movie, or REALLY like to dress up together.

My personal favorite part is Kate McKinnon's hair and, you know, how it looks EXACTLY like Egon Spangler's from the cartoon.

Don't remember? This will help:

Additionally, Director Paul Feig showed us what the Ecto-1 will look like. So you can stop losing sleep over that particular aspect of your life. Everything else can still keep you awake, though.

At this point, we're getting pretty excited about the whole thing.


Feig just unveiled another beauty, showing the gals in grey all geared up:

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It seems like only yesterday that we got the first glimpse of the Goosebumps movie. Oh wait. It was only yesterday.

In the wake of the media avalanche that is San Diego Comic Con, Sony Pictures maybe wanted to get ahead of the curve with the release of the first poster.

And only the day after, we received the first trailer for the movie based on the long-running series of young adult/children's horror books. If you're anywhere between the ages of 12 and 35, you probably have some experience reading these books to the point of fright.

And now you'll be able to watch a movie about it in October! The future!

In this take on the book series that started in 1992, Jack Black plays the author R.L. Stine as he's tasked with rounding up his creations.

Well, they both have glasses.


The official Twitter account of the movie just dropped a new, official trailer on the hot heels of the other one.

Welcome to National Goosebumps Day, apparently.

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